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Mock Klondike Derby

We will be having a mock Klondike Derby on Sunday,  Jan 2015 from 8am to noon to help the scouts prepare for the real Klondike Derby.  A separate permission slip is needed for the Mock Klondike Derby

Sled Team Leaders

Below are the sled teams for the Klondike. The first person in each team is the team leader and is responsible to pick up a materials packet from Joe Davis' house at:

161 Seabird Lane
Belford, NJ. (map)

It is also the responsibility of the team leader to assign each member of the team all the items needed for the Klondike - wood, compasses, blankets, etc..  Each team will need to have all there items by the mock Klondike on January 4th.

Sled 1:
Pat T (team leader)
Atom C
Anthony K
Brian D
Conor F
Brendon S

Sled 2:
Sean C (team leader)
Anthony D
Jack P
Shane N
Ryan B
Dylan M

Sled 3:
William D (team leader)
Ryan F
Dan G
Cade R
Steve G
James B

Joe D
Alex K
Guillermo VW
Mike B
Simon M
Jon N