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Camp Minsi Summer Camp

Troop 122 will be attending Summer Camp at Camp Minsi on 22-28 July 2018

Medical form parts A-C are due on 2 June 2018

Camp Minsi 2011 Muck Hike and photos

Here is the famous Camp Minsi Muck Hike from Summer Camp 2011 as mentioned in the meeting. 
Note that the job of the photographer was muckier than the job of the scouts.  I can really empathize with Bear Gryils photographer

Other Photos:  Day 1 | Day 2Day 3Day 4Muck Hike | Day 5 | Day 6 (leaving) | Misc

Click on the photos for a slideshow with my comments in the lower left

Merit Badge selections

Forms were passed out at the Spring Court of Honor. Here is the guide referenced in the letter: Camp Minsi Merit Badge Program Guide

Foot Locker

Here is an example of the footlocker for summer camp


This is a good way to store and keep your clothes and equipment dry for the week of Summer Camp.

If you get a lock, please include a second key to be left with an adult leader.


Here is an example of What to Bring to Summer Camp from the Camp Minsi web site

Camp Minsi