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Permission Slips

New Addition to the Policy on Permission Slips

This year, scouts will no longer be given permission slips at the regular troop meetings as in the past.  It will be the responsibility of each scout to:
  1. Get the permission slip from the troop web site
  2. Fill it out
  3. Get their parents to sign
  4. Attach $10
  5. Return it to their patrol leader by the date indicated
We have made sure that all the permission slips are located on the page for each individual site or event and links are on the yearly camping schedule

Lastly, this year if you miss a handing in a permission slip for the campout you will just end up missing that campout.  I don't want to deny the Scouts access to campouts because they missed handing in a slip.

Returning of the permission slip is the scout's responsibility.

Permission slips are REQUIRED by the Boy Scouts of America organization for each event.  Every scout has access to the permission slips via the troop web site.  The permission slip must be signed and returned for the scout to attend the camping trip or event or they cannot go.  Even if they are not going, they must return the permission slip so we can get a headcount of the number of boys.  The permission slip is also a way for us to get a count of drivers to help transport the members of the troop.

In the past, it has taken quite a lot of effort to get these permission slips together for each activity. Troop 122 has an activity most every month and it is a drain on our adult leaders time that could be better spent planning for the activity.

If the permission slip is not turned in by the date indicated, your scout will not be allowed to go and it will be an unexcused absence.

This requirement is not meant to be unduly harsh or unreasonable.  It is also not meant to pressure the parents. It is fulfilling a requirement of the BSA and teaches the scout responsibility and accountability.

All the permission slips will be online here and can be printed out.  The schedule of camping trips and events is online and on the troop calendar.  If you have a question, check the web page for the camp or event or you can email or call me.

Remember, it is the scout's responsibility to return a signed permission slip.  Use this opportunity to help teach your scout responsibility and accountability.

Jesse Ramirez
Scout Master
Troop 122, Big Bears

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