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Summer Camp

Day Six

Day 6 - Summer Camp

Day Five
You guessed it.  Mo' fun - and chocolate cake.

Day 5 - Summer Camp

Hey, I can't really say it many more ways - FUN!!!

Day 4 - Summer Camp

More fun, more water, more everything a young boy would like.  I made the third of a mile trek down (and obviously back up) to the shooting range.  It was quite a trek but really beautiful scenery.  I'm not sure if the boys enjoy it quite like the adults but it was beautiful.

Day 3 - Summer Camp


Some of us get up for the polar bear (swimming at 6:30am) and we start our merit badge classes.  The day winds down with some short showers that keep the boys in their adirondacks (three sided cabins) but that gives them time together.  Late that night, there were some torrential rains and thunderstorms but everyone faired fine and no one was washed away. 

Day 2 - Summer Camp

Arrival and the swim test

Day 1 - Summer Camp

Summer Camp at Ockanickon Scout Reservation July 21st thru July 27th, 2013.

Summer Camp Fee Refund Insurance

Ockanickon Scout Reservation does NOT refund summer camp fees no matter what the circumstance. Instead, they recommend purchasing insurance. They have sent us information regarding the insurance. It is basically like travel insurance.
Insurance is issued through TravMark 1.888.420.5378

The Camp requires full payment in February to get the early bird discount of $366. Payment is due no later than the February 14th Troop Meeting. No exceptions. If you miss this deadline, the regular rate of $387 will apply if paid by April 11th, or the late rate of $401 will apply after that as per Camp. If you have made payments and/or have credit from the Popcorn/Wreath Sales, check with Mrs. Finn to find out what your balance is for camp.

***Merit Badges ***
Each scout will be responsible for setting up his own schedule for merit badge classes.  You will need to go through the schedule for the merit badge classes from the camp and setup your personal schedule for merit badges classes at summer camp.  You will receive the paperwork that you need to fill out at a regular weekly troop meeting.

Note on merit badge choice paperwork schedule

Note:  In order to get all the merit badges classes arranged for the scouts, we need to be prompt with the paperwork so the leaders can get it to the camp and ensure each scout gets his choices.
18 & 25 April
Hand out paperwork at Troop meetings
9 & 16 May
Hand in merit badge picks at troop meetings
19 May
Last day to hand in merit badge picks at Mr. Gargano's house
23 & 30 May
Approved merit badge picks will be given back to scouts at troop meetings
3 Jun (Monday)
Last day to get approved merit badge picks
6 June
Parents meeting for summer camp (at VFW)

For each merit badge, check the "Ages and Stages" or Age recommendations and prerequisites on who should take the merit badge.  As examples, check out the requirements, recommendations, and prerequisites for the following merit badges:
  • Archery - "Physically mature enough to pull back a 30lb Bow"
  • Climbing - "Scouts 13 years old and up"
  • Electronics - 14 years old and up with the dexterity to be able to solder
  • Electricity - 1st Class Scouts and up
  • SCUBA Diving - Looks like fun and it "Open to all ages" but there are significant prerequsites.
Ensure that you meet these requirements if you sign up for the merit badge class or you may be disappointed or frustrated at camp.

Toward this end, a scoutmaster will review and approve your schedule to ensure that you don't over extend yourself.  Get it finished early so this is not a rush.

Ockanickon Scout Reservation

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