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Troop Car Wash

Troop 122 will be holding a car wash to raise funds.  The car wash will be held on 1 Oct 2011 from 9AM till 1PM at Applebee's on Route 35.

Mr. Mandel will be organizing the event.

Hello to all.

Every year Troop 122 has a car washLast year's shed was destroyed over the winter.  This year we need to raise money to replace the shed that keeps our equipment.

Every Scout must participate.

Each Scout buys at least 5 car wash tickets @ $5.00 for a total of $25.00.

The more we sell, the more money we raise.

The Scouts can then sell the tickets to family and friends.

It will be held at Applebees  from 9:00 AM until 1:00 PM.

Participation is also manditory. 

Please bring $25.00 (cash or check) to Wednesday's Court of Honor.

We will distribute the car wash tickets there.

Last year we raised over $700. 

Thanks for your continued support.

Irwin Mandel

Treasurer Troop 122

Car Wash by Rose Royce