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Winterburg Cabin Campout

Troop 122 had a great time at Forestburgh Scout Reservation 18 - 19 Feb.  It was very cold and there were snow flurries at times during the weekend.  The lake was frozen but unfortunately not frozen solid or it would of been a lot more fun.

Also, below the pictures, we've made a map of the hike we took on Saturday.  Click on the maps.  Right now, it is pretty plain but if you install Google Earth View in Maps, you will be able to move around the camp in 3D.  Unfortunately, you can't get below the trees and see the actual walking route.  In the future, the photos will be anchored to the places where they were taken.  Also, the Google satellite photos were taken in summer so you don't see the ice and  show and all of the trees have leaves.


2012 Feb Winterburgh

We hiked about 3.1 miles around the camp.  About a third of the hike was off the trails as we started at the entrance to the camp rather than the trailhead.  This added over a mile to the hike and was very enjoyable.  We had a really good time at the falls

Hiking Trail

Directions to Forrestburgh Scout Reservation

1945 New York 42, Forestburgh, NY 12777