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Weekly eMail Digest - 24 August 2015

posted Aug 25, 2015, 4:14 AM by Troop122 BigBears   [ updated Oct 30, 2017, 4:45 PM ]
No meeting this week

Upcoming Events:
First Troop Meeting - 17 Sep 2016
Popcorn Blitz 11-13 Sep 2015
Cheesequake State Park 18-20 Sep 2015 permission slip due 3 Sep 2015
Popcorn Blitz 18-20 Sep 2015

Popcorn Blitz Sign ups

Anyone who has not signed up to sell popcorn yet and would like to needs to do so.  You must sign a popcorn letter with your contact information and pick two time slots from the schedules. You can email me at with both the letter and your selections.  If for some reason there is a problem I will email you back with changes.

The form and blitz schedules are on the troop web site.

Susan Butler

Camping at Cheesequake

The first camping trip of this year will be 26 - 28 Sep at Cheesequake State Park

Note that the permission slip is due 3 Sep 2015, before the first troop meeting.  You must drop off the permission slip at Mr. Ramirez's house.

Yearly Camping Schedule Posted

The yearly camping schedule is posted on the troop web site.