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Weekly eMail Digest - 18 Nov 2013

posted Nov 19, 2013, 1:54 PM by Troop122 BigBears
This week's meeting:
Location:  New Monmouth School
Due: High Adventure - 2nd payment of $100
        Personal Sales totals for Wreath Sale (see email below)
Uniform:  Class B

Skills: Team Building and organization (Alex Kern & Dan G.)
    Proper Time Management
    Brain Drain
Team Building Activities (Mike & Pat T.)
Game: Dodge Ball
Scoutmaster minute: Mr. Davis

Personal Wreath Sales

Please provide Mrs. Butler or Mrs. Robbins with total number of  wreaths needed for personal sales by this Thursday's troop meeting.  You need to indicate totals for 12' and 14" wreaths.

Remember,  you must have a personal sales minimum of 8 wreaths.

Wreath Blitz Location Choices

I still haven't heard from about 20 scouts for the wreath blitz.  

Here are the remaining spots available:  
Villa Pizza   All times
Huntington    12:00 - 3:00 Fri, Sat, Sun
Staples       All times
AAC           10:00 - 1:00 Sunday - One spot only

See the Wreath Sale page or calendar on the website for more details

Anyone that doesn't respond by Sunday, Nov 24th will have their blitz time assigned to them and will be informed via email.  

Thank you!  

Kyle Robbins
Wreath Sale Coordinator
Troop 122, Big Bears

Special notice: OA Brotherhood Day - Nov. 23, 5 pm at Lass Lodge, Quail Hill

The local OA lodge, NaTsiHi, is finishing up our re-charter submission and, just like a troop, we have Journey To Excellence (JTE) goals too.

We are very close, but in particular we need one important goal:  brotherhood conversions.

We are holding a special Brotherhood ceremony on Nov. 23.  The brotherhood preparation begins at 5pm on Saturday, November 23 at Lass Lodge.

There is no fee for Brotherhood, however, only currently active, paid members can participate.

Please pass the word to those members that are eligible.  Anyone that is Ordeal and received it prior to 2013 is eligible.  Many of those who have not paid their dues are eligible.  If they come out on 11/23, with their dues, they will leave as Brotherhood members!  Help encourage your members (both youth and adults) to come out.

Yours In Scouting & Brotherhood,

Jerry Ceres
Lodge Advisor, NaTsiHi #71