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Weekly eMail digest - 30 Sep 2013

Weekly eMail digest - 30 Sep 2013

This week's meeting:
Location: VFW
Uniform:  Class A (first meeting of month)
Due this meeting:

Agenda: TBD
Flag Patrol: TBD

Mini Golf Fun Night
Thursday, 10 Oct 2013 at 7pm
during the regular troop meeting

Originally this event was scheduled at 5pm.  We have moved it back to 7pm in the hopes that more would be able to participate.  You can participate at this event instead of going to the the regular troop meeting at 7:30pm that day.

The event is $12 per person which includes golf, soda, and pizza.  If you would like to attend rather than go to the regular troop meeting, please bring $12 and a permission slip to this troop meeting. 

You will need to pre-register (using the form on the website) for a 7pm tee time.

Permission slip is on the troop web site

Help needed at the Twin Lights Camporee

Sunday, 13 Oct 2013
Note that Camporee is the following weekend

The troop needs help setting up an obstacle course for the Twin Lights Camporee on 18 - 20 Oct 2013.  This is a troop event.  We will be setting up the obstacle course the weekend before the camporee in order that we are ready for the camporee

If you are interested, contact Scott Davis at or (917) 693-9261

Family Camping

This is NOT a troop event

When: This weekend, Fri Oct 4 – Sun Oct 6, 2013
Where: Quail Hill Scout Reservation (map)
See website for more details:

Merit Badge Counselors needed

Hello Leaders and Parents,

A new year is upon us and some of our long time Scouting friends and mentors have moved on to new endeavors.  Our Scouts were privileged to have their guidance and counseling for many of the Scout merit badges.

As all things change, we now have many new scouts and from the new crew of parents and also from the veteran scouts’ parents, we need to ask for some contribution and sharing in the very rewarding experience of helping them become capable and responsible young men.

To augment the BSA scouting program, there are 132 merit badges available to the boys for which they program themselves to achieve mastery.  They need to understand how to do this and for it, they need Merit Badge Counselors.

This is a rare opportunity to provide guidance and structure to the boys and understand them better while helping them build a set of skills to be proud of.

All that you need is a desire to help the boys and some experience in any of the 132 merit badge subject matters; things you may know something about already or are willing to immerse yourself in to a level that you can offer some wisdom to the scouts in an individual basis.

All you have to do is wait for the phone to ring, meet with the scout at your convenience in a location of your choosing.
Discuss their plan and go over the requirements for the badge.
Wait for them to complete their work, when they will call you again to set up a review session at your convenience in a location of your choosing.
And sign their “Blue Card” acknowledging completion of the requirements for the badge.

Boy Scouts of America has already provided the information that you will need in a convenient-on-line format so you can quickly be proficient in the subject matter as well as offering structure and planning guidance to any Scout interested in the particular badges.


Merit Badge Counselor Orientation


Merit Badges

Some of these areas may be current or even old hobbies that you have had no time for or given up for one reason or another.  What better way to restart them? As for time, you will be amazed about how much time you have when you “make time” for something worthwhile!!

So please lend a hand, contact Troop leaders today!
Rob Nickel
Assistant Scoutmaster
Troop 122, Big Bears
908 601-0654

What are the requirements to be a merit badge counselor? Do you have to register again? Who approves you?
  • "Qualified: "They must be men and women of good character, age 18 or older, and recognized as having the skills and education in the subjects for which they are to serve as merit badge counselors, as well as the ability to work with Scout-age boys." - AP p. 13
Troop leaders will briefly talk with you about your qualifying experience.

  • "Registered: "All Merit badge counselors must…register as a merit badge counselor…" (Code 42). - AP pp. 13-14
You will fill out a BSA Adult Leader Application 28-501 form and also a one page form with your areas of interest.

  • "Approved: ...they must be approved...for each specific merit badge." - AP p. 13

  • "Trained: "in the aims of Scouting and in advancement procedures." - AP p. 13.

"All volunteers are expected to complete Youth Protection training...within 90 days..." - See Merit Badge Counselor Orientation.  (See the links above)
This is an online course to help you understand how you, and the BSA protect your children while they are under our supervision.