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Christmas Wreath Sale 2016

Troop 122
Holiday Wreath Sales

Once again, Troop 122 will be selling holiday wreaths as our major fundraiser. This year we will be selling 12” wreaths fpr $15.00 each.  We will also be offering beautifully decorated 3-4 ft long Grave Blankets - $30.00ea.

In order for the troop to make enough profit to continue to function, we need each scout to sell a minimum of 8 items. If a scout does not sell his eight items, he will be required to buy the wreaths to make up the difference. If a scout sells more than 8, he will be entitled to half of the profit on those extra items, to go directly into his scout account to put towards dues or summer camp. Many boys were able to pay for a good part of camp last year with their earnings, so good luck!

The scouts should begin taking orders immediately using the Wreath Sales Form. The money MUST be collected from the customer when taking the orders. ALL ORDERS WITH FULL PAYMENT MUST BE TURNED IN AT OUR REGULARLY SCHEDULED MEETING ON 10 NOV 2016.

All boys are required to blitz for 3 hours and must be accompanied by a parent. A schedule of blitz times will be sent out on a separate sheet, so please make sure you pick which time slot is best for you, or you will be assigned one. Under no circumstances will a scout be allowed to sell his personal wreaths during his blitz time.

Scouts will be able to pick up their personal wreaths from the VFW in Port Monmouth on Sat, 26 Nov or Sun, 27 Nov . Wreaths need to be assembled by the scout.  Grave blankets will be preassembled.

The fundraiser has always been a huge success due to the hard work of the boys and their parents. We can always use volunteers to help. We will be in need of help assembling wreaths and blankets a few days before the sale begins. If you are available please call me at 732-977- 7288.

Thank you in advance for all of your help and anticipated cooperation,

Susan Butler
Fundraising Chair
Troop 122
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