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State Police STEM/Cyber Projects

At the State Police Camporee this May, the Big Bears have team(s) participating in a STEM/Cyber Projects competition.

The teams for this competition will be on a voluntary basis and NOT take place during regular troop meetings (see Troop 122 guidelines below)

The full rules and time table for the competition are attached but here is the first few rules:
  1. The project must be consistent with the STEM/Cyber theme; i.e., the primary focus of the project must be to show how it is related to the use or application of science, technology, engineering, mathematics or cyber technology.
  2. Maximum size requirement: must fit in a space 3 feet by 3 feet by 5 feet high.
  3. The project must include written instructions about the exhibit and/or an explanation of the exhibit. You must also indicate the period of time during which it was developed and when it was completed. Please complete the Project Description form that has been included as a part of this flyer.
  4. The project must be developed by the troop; Eagle Scout projects will not be accepted for this program; ...
  5. The project should be pre-assembled or easily assembled on site.

As for our Troop 122 guidelines:
  1. Do NOT volunteer for the team unless you are able to put in several hours every 2 weeks
  2. Team size and number would depend on the number of Scout and adult participants.
  3. Effort toward this competition will be done outside of troop meetings
  4. The team will decide upon the project.  Try Make magazine for some good ideas
  5. We will generally use the VFW for builds
  6. Other meetings will take place at the Middletown library

Troop122 BigBears,
Jan 31, 2017, 10:27 AM