Weekly eMail digest - 13 Jan 2014

Post date: Jan 15, 2014 2:32:24 AM

Uniform: Class BDue:

High Adventure - 4th payment of $100

Shawnee Ski Trip - permission slip and cash

Upcoming Activities:

Klondike Derby - this Saturday, 18 Jan

Shawnee Day Ski Trip, Sat, 1 Feb

Winterburg - 14-16 Feb (permission slip due 23 Jan)

Klondike Skills Touch-Up by Patrol

Game: Dodge ball

SM Minute: Mr. Coleman

Klondike Derby Sled Teams


Based on the expected attendance for the Klondike we were forced to change the sled lists around. Get in touch with you're sled leader and find out what you need to do. I'm extremely proud of how you ALL did at the practice run. Every scout showed a lot of skill and enthusiasm and I am very pleased. I need you guys to remember what you learned and what you're Senior Scouts have taught you, remember that we are in it to win this year. You guys can do it and I expect you do your best.

Sled leaders,

You MUST tell your scouts what supplies they need to bring for the event. You were all given the Info Packet. If you can't find it, there is a copy on the troop web site or get in touch with me ASAP.

Remember the Klondike is this weekend and I'm counting on you guys for success.

"Problems are just opportunities in work clothes" - Henry J. Kaiser

As Always ,

Evan Crowell

Senior Patrol Leader

Troop 122, Big Bears

Team 1


Guillermo V - sled leader

Bradley B

Shane N

Steve G

Kyle M

Simon N

Dan G

Jon N

Team 2


Jack Z. - sled leader

Will D

Ryan F


Pat T

Cade R

Anthony K

Brandon S

Team 3


Sean Crowell - sled leader

Ryan B

Dylan M

James B

Mike B

Atom C

Billy G

Brendan W



Evan C

Joe D

Alex K