Weekly eMail digest - 19 May 2014

Post date: May 20, 2014 1:37:21 PM

Location: VFWUniform: Class B


5th Summer Camp payment of $60


Identification of poisonous Plants and Animals - Kyle Malick

Basic First Aid - Steve Gardiner

Game: Musical Chairs

Scoutmaster Minute: Mr. Ramirez

Mandatory Parents' Summer Camp meeting

On June 6th there will be a mandatory Summer Camp meeting for all parents. This will be a regular Thursday meeting which will be our spring Court of Honor where we will hand out rank and awards earned in the past months.

Details and items to bring will follow.

Troop Apparel order extended

I will extend the troop apparel order one more week. Please bring the completed order form to the next troop meeting. After that, the deadline is now Sunday, 25 May at my house.

The following Scouts made apparel orders:

  • Ryan B.
  • JP C.
  • Karl Z.
  • Anthony K.
  • Shane N.
  • Dylan M.

If your order is not listed here it was not received. If you'd like details on your order, send an email.

See this page for complete instructions,

Jesse Ramirez


Troop 122, Big Bears

Of Troop Interest

Who are these guys? Hoodlums hanging out at the drive-in, Greasers up to no good, Bad seeds, high school drop outs going no where. No, no, no, and probably no. They are members of Troop 122 at the Classic Car Show at the Elks Club in Port Monmouth this past Sunday. The car is a 1948 Kaiser Special which won the People's Choice Award at the show. As most of us already know, Evan Crowell, also the Senior Patrol Leader (on the right) is the owner and driver of the Kaiser. The other greasers are Atom Chaney (left) and Sean Crowell (center).

Not pictured: Kyle Malick, who was in the show but with a friend's car this time, has his own 1986 Chevrolet Camaro Z-28 coupe with a 5.0L 305CI V8 - white with black accents which will be coming to a car show and possibly troop meeting near you.

Note: The things rolled up in their sleeves are NOT tobacco products. If you don't believe me, ask them.

Len Chaney


Troop 122, Big Bears

Trail of Pioneers Volunteers Needed

Hi All

I'm looking for some Scouts to assist once again with running a station or two at the Trail of the Pioneers. The date is Sunday June 8th, please let me know via email if you will be able to assist.

Also I will need help running the water bottle rockets for Family Camp Saturday June 14th.


Mr. Ramirez