Weekly eMail digest - 24 Feb 2014

Post date: Feb 25, 2014 7:37:32 PM

Uniform: Class BSkills: ISLT presentation

SM Minute: Mr. Gargano

Microsoft to offer 4 merit badges - Computers, Photography, Robotics and Cinematography.

The Monmouth Council is partnering with Microsoft to offer a series of Belt Loops and Merit Badges for your Pack or Troop at no cost!

The badges will be offered at the Microsoft Stores in both Freehold and Bridgewater Commons malls during the months of Feb and March. Seating is limited.

See attached flier for more details and dates.

ISLT Training

Anyone who participated in the ILST presentation on Saturday needs to contact me ASAP to receive information needed to present it on Thursday.

By the way you guys were excellent on Saturday and I hope you tap into that same professionalism you displayed when you teach the troop.

Sea Bright Dune Grass Planting cancelled for Troop 122

The Sea Bright Dune Grass Planting originally scheduled for 1 March was postponed till 15 March. Our troop had to cancel since we will be camping at Camp Delmont that weekend.

Big Bears on Twitter

Check out the Twitter feed on the lower right of our home page. As I was taking pictures at the Klondike Derby as usual, I posted several of them to Twitter. I tried to pick photos that relayed a feeling of the event - cold, muddy, and FUN!!!

If you are a Twitter user or would like to be, follow us on Twitter by clicking the button in the upper right of the Twitter feed box. I can tell who is following the troop and maybe will try to get your son and his patrol in the photos I tweet for the troop.

Len Chaney


Troop 122, Big Bears