Weekly eMail digest - 24 Mar 2014

Post date: Mar 27, 2014 2:06:30 AM

Uniform: Class BDue: Summer Camp deposit of $100

Skills: Phillie History Trivia Game (Simon/ Dan G.)

Buddy system (Alex Kern)

Game: Box Game

SM Minute: Mr. Coleman

Troop Library

Hello troop,

This is Jonathan Nickel.

The troop has a library and nobody is using it!

I am currently the librarian, If you wish to borrow one or some of these books please let me know at wafflesauce14@gmail.com or at one of the troop meetings.

Also if you have any good condition MB books that you are done with, the troop will gladly accept them into the library for others to use. If you have a request for a book forward it to me and I will find out if anyone else has that book to donate.

The following books are currently in the troop's library ready to be used:

  • basketry (2)
  • CAMPING* (2) ( * and all CAPS indicates that it is Eagle required)
  • fishing (2)
  • leatherwork (2)
  • oceanography (2)
  • photography (2)
  • Small-boat sailing (2)
  • art (3)
  • SWIMMING* (3)
  • cooking (5)
  • American Heritage
  • climbing
  • computers
  • fingerprint
  • *FIRST AID *
  • forestry
  • mammal study
  • metalwork
  • music and bugling
  • nature
  • pioneering
  • plumbing
  • poetry
  • rifle shooting
  • space exhalation
  • sports
  • wilderness survival

Thank You

Jonathan Nickel