Weekly eMail Digest - 6 Oct 2014

Post date: Oct 8, 2014 1:56:03 PM

Uniform: Class B

Location: New Monmouth School

Due: Zombie Camporee Planners

Game: Dodge Ball

Scoutmaster Minute: Mr. Davis

Zombie Camporee Coffin Races


I, Mr. Golubinski, cut up the plywood into 4 “Kits” to create the “boxes” for the coffins. I stopped by each patrol at the last meeting we were together and told each patrol to line up an adult to assist with the assembly of the coffins and to begin thinking about ideas for decorations. I also told the patrols to gather 4 wheels for use on the coffins. Patrols provide their own handles, decorations and wheels.

Please take a look at the info below about the coffin race / judging. A separate trophy will be given for most creative.

Patrols should see me to complete the registration process for their coffins at this week’s meeting.

Don’t Forget: All riders must wear helmets, no exceptions.

There will be a chili cook-off. See me if any patrols wish to participate.

Coffin Specifications

  1. Each participating team shall provide a coffin conforming to specifications, which are attached. Race officials will inspect all coffins before race time. Coffins not passing inspection will not be allowed to race. Any questions or disagreements will be forwarded to an event official.
  2. All participants must be registered through the BSA
  3. Each participating team will provide four runners (pushers) to propel the coffin. At least three of the four runners must be in direct contact with the coffin at all times during the race until the coffin has come to a complete stop after crossing the finish line. Any coffin that has less than three runners in direct contact with the coffin during the race will be deemed “out of control" and will be immediately disqualified. Changing runners or riders during or between heats, including Winners' Heat, is prohibited. In case of injury, a race official shall be the authority to allow a substitute.
  4. During the race, runners will keep their coffin in their own lane. Runners and/or coffins interfering with another runner and/or coffin as a result of leaving their own lane will be immediately disqualified. There is a yellow line separating each lane on the course. ANY coffins that cross over the yellow line are automatically disqualified. You may touch the yellow line with your feet or coffin but your coffin CAN NOT cross over the yellow line!
  5. Each participating Team shall provide one "RIDER" to ride in their coffin. All “RIDERS” must wear a helmet (BRING YOUR OWN) during the Coffin Races. All runners are encouraged to wear protective gear as well (BRING YOUR OWN).
  6. All coffins, runners and riders must be in the staging area by 9:00 AM to compete. Coffins and crew will be judged during the walk of coffins. However, judges will be reviewing your team prior to the races in the staging area. It might be necessary to arrive earlier in order to prepare your coffin for the walk of coffins and judging. Participants are responsible for transporting their coffins to and from the race.
  7. A Driver's Meeting will be held for all Contestants prior to the start of the race. Attendance is Mandatory for at least one member from each team. The rules, regulations and safety concerns will be reviewed.
  8. Protests can only be made by the race competitors. Protests must be directed to a race official immediately following the completion of the heat in question. Protests must be logical, reasonable, and based on sound evidence. Decisions of the race officials will be final!
  9. Each heat will be run with two coffins, times will be recorded and the winners will be determined through a process of elimination.
  10. Every entrant and participant shall conduct themselves according to the highest standards of behavior and sportsmanship.
  11. A trophy will be presented to the most creative Coffin. Ribbons will be awarded to 1st, 2nd & 3rd Place in the races. The awards will be presented at the Campfire.

Coffin Specifications

All coffins must meet the following specifications. Coffins will be inspected prior to the race. Coffins not meeting

specifications will be disqualified at time of inspection.

  1. Coffin specifications: Size - minimum 2 feet wide by 5 feet long Size - maximum: 3 feet, 10 inches wide (46 inches), INCLUDING HANDLES, by 8 feet long. There is no minimum or maximum height specification for the coffin or handles.
  2. Each coffin must have 4 firmly attached wheels, attached in such a manner so that coffin will roll on all 4 wheels when propelled down the race course. Wheels must be within the overall dimensions of the coffin. Casters may be used. For safety and steering ability, wheels or casters may rotate or swivel!
  3. Ropes used for pulling coffins will not be permitted. Four handles must be securely attached to coffin. A Push bar on the front & rear of the coffin instead of Two front or rear handles will be permitted.
  4. Decorative projections will be allowed, not to exceed the maximum width and length of the Coffin. Decorations may extend up without limitations.
  5. All coffin riders must wear a helmet (BRING YOUR OWN) during the race and have their legs in the Coffin. Protective gear for runners (BRING YO UR OWN) is highly recommended, but not required.
  6. The registration number must be visible on the front of the coffin. Provided by race official.
  7. The race is 50 yards long in dirt.

Yours in Scouting,

Bill Golubinski

Assistant Scoutmaster

Troop 122, Big Bears