Weekly eMail Digest - 16 Nov 2015

Post date: Nov 18, 2015 11:33:54 AM

Uniform: Class B

Due: Wreath Money


Cold weather camping - James booth and Thomas Welch

Mock patrol meeting - jack Zabriskie, Guillermo VanWyke

Game: Salem Game

Scoutmaster Minute: Mr. Coleman

A Word From our Scoutmaster

Dear Scouts and parents

We seem to be having an issue collecting paperwork that is required to run the Troop. While it is primarily the responsibility of the Scout to hand the paperwork back in we also ask you as parents to check in with them to see if there is anything due. We give all of the Scouts plastic boxes when they join to keep all of their Scout stuff together so there is no reason that it should get misplaced, when they come home from the meeting get in the habit of asking them if they have anything that needs to be filled out and then put it in the plastic box when you are done.Going forward it will be the patrol leader’s responsibility to collect paperwork from the Scouts in his patrol and document that he has received it, if not he will have to follow up with the Scout until the paperwork has been collected. As far as permission slips go they are to be handed in whether or not your Scout is planning on attending. They should be filled out legibly and in its entirety. It is frustrating having to spend 20 minutes trying to figure out who can't attend a campout because there is no name on the permission slip.

There has also been a drop in attendance at our weekly meetings and monthly activities. While we encourage Scouts to have interest outside of Scouts they still need to maintain their 75% of active participation in the Troop to advance. When activities are planned close to home which we try to do in the fall we expect Scouts to make an effort to attend these events. There are also costs associated with these events that are lost due to lack of participation. When the events are booked up to a year prior we make reservations and book sites based on the Troops current enrollment.

Please remember that everyone who helps to run the Troop is a volunteer and that anytime they spend on running the Troop, organizing fundraisers, preparing program, arranging service projects etc. is time away from their family. Please be a little more considerate and help make everyone's life a little easier.

Thank you

Yours in Scouting

Mr. Ramirez

Scouting For Food

Note: The Troop Committee has decided that all Scouts MUST participate in the Scouting for Food Drive

You were given 10 bags and asked to put them in 10 of your neighbor’s mailboxes along with a short note that you should sign and attach to the bag.

Put these bags out between Mon and Wed of this week

Collect the bags on Sat, 21Nov between 9 and 10 a.m. If there are no bags outside your neighbor’s front door, please knock and politely ask about the bag. Some people like to hand it to the Scout themselves. If they say that they have no food to donate, then thank them for their time and wish them a good day. Remember that a Scout is always Friendly, Courteous and Kind.

Please deliver your bags to Mr. Clark’s house (map), no later than 11 a.m. on Sat, 21 Nov. Please count the number of items that you have collected. This information will be used to complete the report to Monmouth Council.

Thank you to all the Scouts and their parents for helping in the Scouting for Food drive.

Yours in Scouting,

John Clark

Community Service Committee Chair

16 Sylvia Terrace

Middletown, NJ


Bob Gargano

Assistant Scoutmaster