Weekly eMail Digest - 17 August 2015

Post date: Aug 18, 2015 3:22:18 PM

Next meeting -

Summer Court of Honor

Uniform: Class A

Location: VFW Post 2179

This Thursday, 20 August 2015, 7:30 - 9:00pm

Help Setting up for Court of Honor

The Senior Patrol leader, Joe Davis, will need help setting up for the Court of Honor - some scouts should show up at 7pm to help.

The new Senior Patrol Leader, Alex Kern, will need help cleaning up afterwards so some scouts should plan to stick around afterwards.

Popcorn Blitz Sign ups after the Court of Honor

Popcorn blitz signups for times and location will be held after the Court of Honor.

Blitz times and locations will be available at the signup at the Court of Honor and not before.

Check out the troop web site.

Voting for Summer Camp 2016

Scoutmaster Note

This year, we will not be showing any videos, slides, or pics of the camp choices. It takes too long at the Court Of Honor. Also not each camp has a video.

Parents/Scouts will need to do their own research.

Hi Scouts & Parents,

Another scouting year behind us! So its that time again to vote on next year's summer camp! This year we have 4 camps in the running-

  1. Hidden Valley Scout Reservation in PA
  2. Hawk Mountain Scout Reservation in PA
  3. Broad Creek Scout Reservation in MD
  4. Forestburg Scout Reservation in NY

I have put together some camp highlights that were taken from this years Leaders guides (see below).

Please visit the camps websites for more detailed information. The scouts will vote for the 2016 summer camp at our Summer Court of Honor on Thursday August 20th at the VFW. We will not be showing any camp videos this year, as not all camps have a video and it does away from our COH time. Please take the time to research these camps and be prepared to vote at the Court of Honor on Aug. 20th!

Yours in Scouting,

Jesse Ramirez


Troop 122, Big Bears

1 - Hidden Valley Scout Reservation – Loysville PA (map)

2015 price was $315 early bird rate, $340 regular rate

Camp is set on over 830 acres. Air-conditioned dining hall. Has both a river and an Olympic size swimming pool. Dan Beard program for 1st yr campers. STEM/Nova program. Climbing tower. All Terrain Vehicle(ATV) program. Has Laporte archery sporting arrow thrower – which allows scouts to shoot a moving target in the air. BSA Complete Angler program. Mountain biking. Geocaching. Mile Swim. Trail Run. Polar Bear Swim. Cardboard Canoe races on Sherman’s Creek. Gateway Competition. Water Carnival. Troop Luau Cookoff. Sports Challenge. Scout Iron Man Competition.Checkers & Chess Tournaments. Discover Scuba program. BSA Lifeguard award. BSA Kayak award. Paul Bunyan Woodsman award. National Wild Turkey Federation Conservation Challenge. Canoeing Outpost – scouts can put their canoeing skills to the test on an expedition down Sherman’s Creek with the Waterfront Staff. They spend the night on Bower’s Mountain overlooking the rest of the camp. Scouts will build primitive shelters with staff and return to main Camp in the morning after learning much from this Philmont style retreat.

2- Hawk Mountain Scout Reservation(Camp Meade)- Schuylkill, PA (map)

2015 price was $315 early bird rate, $335 regular rate

Camp is set on over 700 acres. Has both a lake and an Olympic size swimming pool. Pathfinder program for 1st yr. campers. Extreme sports- mountain boarding, BMX course, mini golf driving range, Bikathalon(mountain biking while shooting at targets w/BB gun). Iron Man program will test physical fitness as well as health knowledge. Boots & Paddle program which involves backpacking on the Appalachian Trail and kayaking on the Schuylkill River. Camp-wide games. Kittatinny Award. Polar Bear Swim. Mile Swim. Gateway Competition. BSA Lifeguard program. Snorkeling BSA program. BSA Kayak. COPE Course.

3Broad Creek Scout Reservation (Camp Saffran) – Whiteford, MD (map)

2015 price was $340 early bird rate, $365 regular rate

(price includes merit badge kits and materials)

Camp is set on over 1700 acres. Has both a river and an Olympic size swimming pool. Trailblazer program for 1st yr. campers. Cope Course has 17 low course elements and 7 high course elements including a 250 ft. zip line. All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) program. Discover Scuba program. STEM/Nova program. Eagle Summit program. Aqua Trek program on the Susquehanna River. Themed Camp-wide games. Quarter Mile Swim. Night Swim. Mile Swim. Polar Bear Swim. BSA Aquatics Supervision Program. Tubing trips on the Susquehanna River. Stand up paddle boarding. Motor tubing. Wilderness Survival Outpost. Exploration Trek – starts with a pre-trek shakedown on Sunday and concludes when you have hiked 50 miles on Broad Creek. Scouts will eat lunch on the trail, then stop each day at a new campsite to face new challenges or just have fun. This program offers participants to earn Camping, Cooking, Hiking, Wilderness Survival, and Backpacking Merit Badges. A little bit of Philmont right here in the East.

4Forestburg Scout Reservation – Forestburgh, NY (map)

2015 price was $370 early bird rate, regular rate $385, high adventure program rate $435

Camp is set on over 1200 acres on Burnt Hope Lake. 90 foot waterfall – Darlington Falls- is on camp ground. Buckskin Program for 1st yr. campers. High Adventure program consists of Delaware River canoe trek, Horseback riding, Rock climbing and rappelling, Overnight mountain biking, water skiing and water tubing. Discover Scuba program. Mile Swim, Polar Bear Swim. Mountain biking. Climbing tower. Ham radio. Rio West Sunset Canoe Outpost. BSA Lifeguard, Paddle Craft Safety Certification. BSA Swimming & Water Rescue Certification. Heritage Trail Award.