Weekly eMail Digest - 20 July 2015

Post date: Jul 21, 2015 7:16:19 PM

No meeting this week

A word from your new Senior Patrol Leader


Thank you for electing me, Alex Kern, as your Senior Patrol Leader.

My goal for this year is to increase the rate of rank advancement through fun, game oriented, and hands on learning experiences during our weekly meetings. Through out my experience in Troop 122, I can say that we have a lot of fine, capable young leaders in our troop. With that in mind, I would like to tap into these young leader's creative potential. Boy Scouts to me is a place to learn life skills before you have to depend on them. These skills include common sense, the ability to solve problems, make tough decisions, and use your hands and head to complete tasks. The best way to become competent with these priceless skills is to practice them which is why I would like to do more hands on learning sessions.

Thank you again for choosing me to lead our troop, I am excited for this opportunity to be able to work side by side with all of our scouts and leaders.

Alex Kern

Senior Patrol Leader

Troop 122, Big Bears

Alex Kern's Eagle Project

Troop 122,

I will be conducting my Eagle Scout Project on Sunday June 26th at 10 am.

My project is to repair and organize the Middletown Helps Its Own Distribution Center building on Wilson avenue in Port Monmouth.

Tasks will include

  • painting
  • removing weeds
  • putting large amounts of clothing into garbage bags
  • demolition
  • carpentry

Friends, family, and scouters of all ages are welcome. If I haven't convinced you yet, there will be food!! - pizza, assorted snacks, and refreshments will be available to all that volunteer.

Directions: (approx. map) The building does not have an address for some reason but the house directly next to it is 617 Carter ave. There is a large gravel parking lot off of Wilson ave that everyone is welcome to park in.

I recommend everyone bring gloves and sturdy boots.

Tools that would be very helpful to bring:

  • SawzAll or circular saw
  • drills
  • paint brushes
  • Sharpies
  • Painters Tape
  • Garbage bags
  • rakes
  • ladders
  • putty knife or a mortar scraper
  • buckets
  • scrub brushes
  • canopy

If you would like to donate and/or tell me if you are coming or not please e-mail me at photoajk@yahoo.com or text/call me at 732-533-8949 It would be very helpful if all those who plan on coming told me in some way.

Thank you very much,

Alex Kern

Senior Patrol Leader

Troop 122