Weekly eMail Digest - 7 Sep 2015

Post date: Sep 9, 2015 9:41:11 AM

No meeting this week

Upcoming Events:

Popcorn Blitz 11-13 Sep - this weekend

Middletown Veterans' Picnic - Sun, 13 Sep - this weekend

First Troop Meeting - Thur, 17 Sep

Cheesequake State Park 18-20 Sep 2015 permission slip due 3 Sep

Popcorn Blitz 18-20 Sep 2015

Popcorn Blitzes


We still have openings on the schedule. This Sunday, I need someone for

Sun, 2-5pm at Quick Chek

There are several openings for next weekend also. I know it is a camping weekend, so anyone not going camping, if you can please take another shift if possible, it would be greatly appreciated, and you will earn more money!!! If you are going camping, it is close, so you could have your parents bring you home for a shift and then take you back. Think about it.


Sue Butler

Fundraising Coordinator

Troop 122, Big Bears

Middletown's Veterans Picnic

Middletown’s Mayor, Gerry Scharfenberger, and the Middletown Veteran’s Affairs Committee have asked if Troop 122 could help out with the picnic they are having to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the start of the Vietnam War. The picnic is on Sunday, September 13th and is free and open to the public. They need help setting up, cooking running supplies, running kids activities and, of course, cleaning up. Set up will start at 9 am and the picnic starts at 12. Everything should be over and cleaned up by about 5. Any and all volunteers are welcome and appreciated, even if only for a couple of hours. Uniform of the day is class B. Please let me know by phone or email if you can make it (732-207-0896 or willpurcell@verizon.net).


Will Purcell

Utah Boy Scout earns all 141 merit badges

Video | Story

What more can you say. I guess the Boy Scouts didn't expect this to happen since a single sash won't fit all of them.