Weekly eMail Digest - Addendum

Post date: Sep 22, 2015 8:19:16 PM

Michael Butler’s Eagle Project

I have had to move my project date back a week as per the request of the SPCA. I will be completing my project on Oct 3, 2015 now. I would appreciate any help that I can get from scouts and leaders. We will be cleaning up the grounds around the SPCA as originally planned. We will be there from 9AM to 1PM.

If there are scouts that cannot get a ride, my parents will be meeting down at New Monmouth School around 8:15 AM, and leaving at 8:30AM. They will have enough room for several scouts.

Thank you

Michael Butler

Dues for 2015-2016 Scouting year

The dues for this year are $175.00 and will be made in three payments for your convenience. Please be sure to bring your payment in on the due date that is on the attached payment stubs.

Be sure your name is on the attached payment stub and please put it in an envelope along with your payment.

Please make sure they are handed in on time. Thank you for your anticipated cooperation in this matter.

Thank you,

Susan Butler


Troop 122 , Big Bears

Personal Popcorn Sales

Hi Guys!

Please remember that if you are participating in the popcorn sale you have to sell $75.00 in personal popcorn sales. If anyone doesn’t have a personal sales sheet I will be at the meeting on Thursday or you can call me and I will make arrangements for you to get one.


Mrs. Butler

Treasurer, Troop 122