Weekly eMail Digest - 11 July 2016

Post date: Jul 11, 2016 1:59:51 PM

Upcoming Events

Summer Camp, Sun, 17 July thru Sat, July 23 - Next week


Medical paperwork - If you don't get this straight, you may wind up not going to camp

A few Summer camp reminders

Hi All,

Just a few reminders regarding summer camp.

  • We will be meeting in front of New Monmouth at 9:30 AM Sunday July 17th, please arrive on time so that we can load the trailer and depart in a timely manner.
  • Pack a bag lunch on Sun for your Scout as they will be arriving at camp after lunchtime and then have to check in
  • Have your Scouts either wear their bathing suit up to camp or make sure it is packed on top of their gear for easy access along with a beach towel, one of the first things they will do upon arrival is take their swim test.
  • Medication: please make sure to pack all medications in their original containers with written instructions as well as times to be taken. Only send enough medication for the week plus a few extra in case they get dropped or misplaced.
  • If you are sending your Scout up with money it is better to send them with several small bills rather than one large one.
  • Bring both Class A and B uniforms. There will be a daily inspection with pocket knives as the prizes.
  • Bring merit badge pamphlets along with Mr. Gargano's paperwork on the scheduled merit badges for which you signed up.

Here is a packing list from the camp which is also attached to our Summer Camp page.

Yours In Scouting,

Jesse Big Bear Ramirez


Troop 122, Big Bears