Weekly eMail Digest - 22 Aug 2016

Post date: Aug 24, 2016 7:07:58 PM

No meeting this week


Permission slip for Cheesequake State Park, Sun, 12 Sep 2016, Mr. Ramirez's mailbox

Upcoming Events:

First Troop meeting, 15 Sep 20-16

Cheesequake State Park, 23-25 Sep 2016


Transporting Scouts to and from events is not the Troops responsibility. If the Scoutmasters have room in their cars we don’t mind taking Scouts but this is done as a courtesy.

I am asking parents to please take this in to consideration when filling out permission slips and check off whether or not you are able to drive and the number of seats you will have available.

If we are not able to secure seats for our outings then we will have to come up with an alternative solution. There have been two ideas passed around amongst the Scoutmasters, one would be that the parents are responsible to transport their Scouts to all events and outings and work out carpooling amongst themselves and the second one would be a lottery system where all of our trips are placed in a hat and then the Scouts pick them and that is the one their family would be responsible to drive to. We would pick 3 drivers for each outing and they would be utilized as necessary in the order that their names were drawn, if they are unable to attend that event it would be up to them to swap with another parent.

Thank you

Mr. Ramirez


Troop 122, Big Bears

Louisiana Relief Effort

Monmouth Council is proud to announce a partnership with Vehicle Dynamics Institute to send a truck load of supplies to aid the thousands of people that lost everything during the storms last week. Beginning Mon, 22 Aug at Raceway Park you will be able to drop off much needed supplies for Louisiana, things like cleaning supplies, water, personal hygiene products and clothes. The drop off location will be open everyday from noon until 8:00pm until the truck is filled. The truck will leave when it's full, so let's do everything we can to help them out. You can drop supplies off at Gate 4, 182 Pension Rd. Englishtown, signs will be posted "Louisiana Relief". Let's do a good turn!

More details and information on Facebook at