Weekly eMail Digest - 28 Nov 2016

Post date: Nov 30, 2016 10:47:48 AM

Uniform: Class A

Upcoming Events: Wreath Sales Blitz this weekend, 3-4 Dec

Skills: Troop Jeopardy

Game: Dodgeball

Flags: Patrol 4

Scoutmaster Minute: Mr. Chabala

Wreath Sales Blitz

Please check the blitz schedule and make sure you are there at your slot on time

If for any reason you can not do the time slot that you scheduled, you must find someone to switch with you and let Mrs Butler know that you have switched.

Please contact me at:

  • email: suzybut77@hotmail.com
  • phone: 732-977-7288 (leave a message if I don’t answer).