Weekly eMail Digest - 8 Feb 2016

Post date: Feb 11, 2016 4:49:17 PM

Uniform: Class B

Due: Klondike Permission Slip

Camping 101 - Alex Kern

Game: Lashing eXtravaganza with Mr. Gargano

Scoutmaster Minute: Mr. Davis

Flags: Patrol 2

Klondike Derby Rescheduled


If you are going to attend the Klondike Derby on 27 Feb, please fill out a permission slip and bring to the meeting tonight, 11 Feb 2016

Alex Kern

Senior Patrol Leader

Troop 122, Big Bears

Troop Records and Patrol Money

Important due dates to remember:

Permission Slips - Three weeks before a campout

Campout planners - Two weeks before a campout

Ever since I have joined the troop, one of our biggest problems was how patrol money was used for campouts. To start tackling this issue, I created a spreadsheet on Google Sheets and shared it with all Patrol leaders. The spreadsheet includes how much was collected, how much was spent, etcetera. The patrol leaders should fill this out as soon as they have the information and a copy of the receipt should be brought to either the meeting before a campout or the following meeting. The patrol leaders should keep the hard copy for their records but provide a copy for the SPL to see where we can improve our spending habits.

So that everyone is aware of the process, money is attached to the permission slips and handed in at the weekly meeting three weeks before a campout. The patrol leader collects that money. Once they hold a patrol meeting, they will give the money to whomever is buying the food for the campout. The ‘grubmaster’ will then buy the food for the campout and give any extra money to the patrol leader. IF NECESSARY the patrol leader will give any extra money to the quartermaster who should maintain the patrol boxes. If there is still extra money, the patrol leader will hold it until the end of the year where we will pool all the extra money together and have a pizza/ice cream party or something fun that the scouts vote on. Assuming the grubmaster has extra money and doesn’t return it to the patrol leader, the grubmaster is responsible for paying that amount to the patrol. If there was not enough money, the difference will be split amongst the patrol. For example, if the grubmaster was 8.00$ short and there are 8 scouts in the patrol, everyone should hand in one dollar to the grubmaster.

Yours In Scouting,

Alex Kern

Senior Patrol Leader

Troop 122, Big Bears