Weekly eMail Digest - 13 Feb 2017

Post date: Feb 14, 2017 11:31:12 AM

Uniform: Class B


Camp Delmont (3-5 Mar) Permission slip

1st Summer Camp payment of $130

Delmont Patrol Campout Planners

Upcoming Events:

Ice Skating Sun, noon-1:30

Middletown Ice World

Scout Sunday Mass

ST. JAMES RC CHURCH, Sun, 11:30am


Camp Delmont, 3-5 Mar

Skills: Book signing and Orienteering Presentation

Game: Dodgeball

Scoutmaster Minute: Mr. Ramirez

Camp Rodney Photos

Camp Rodney was a really beautiful place at the headwaters of the Chesapeake Bay.

Photos without my comments

Twitter feed - note that this is in reverse order

2017 Troop 122 Camp Card Sale

See flier for complete details and signup form

What are Camp Cards? Camp Cards are coupon merchant saving cards being offered thru Monmouth Council which provides a no risk opportunity for scouts to ‘earn their way’ to camp.

Timeline: Cards are available now. Troop 122 will offer camp cards to scouts to sell thru April 13th. This will insure that the scout’s profit earned will be available for him to use towards summer camp 2017.

Costs, Profit and Payments: Camp Cards are to be sold for $5 each. Camp Card sales provide a 50% profit to the scouts! All payments must be made in full ($5 per card) to Troop 122 by April 13th. Any unsold Camp Cards may be returned to Troop 122 by April 13th provided they are in original condition. Torn, ripped, stained cards cannot be returned and must be paid for. The scout’s 50% profit ($2.50 per card) will be put into the scout’s troop account and will be available for his use towards 2017 summer camp. If the scout does not use his profit to attend summer camp, or has a remaining balance, it will be in his account for future use towards dues, etc.

Getting Camp Cards: In order to get Camp Cards, parents must fill out the Camp Card Participation form in its entirety and sign. Incomplete forms will delay getting cards. Forms should be emailed to Mr. Ramirez at bigbearstroop122@aol.com or can be handed in To Mr. Ramirez at the next troop meeting. Cards will be available for Parent pickup only at the next troop meeting, or you can contact Mr. Ramirez to make other arrangements. Cards will NOT be sent home with your scout.

How many Camp Cards should you request? This really depends on how much effort your scout is willing to put into the sale. If your scout has not sold Camp Cards before, it is suggested that he start with 25 (or less) Camp Cards. He can always request more cards once he pays for what he has already sold. If he has sold Camp Cards before, perhaps start with the number of Camp Cards he sold last year. This is a voluntary fundraiser for your scout. He is not mandated to sell Camp Cards. Only request Camp Cards if he really wants to do this.

Merchants on this year’s Camp Cards:

Merchant Relations: If your son decides to do a blitz (sell in front of a business) he needs to set that up on his own. Troop 122 will not be making those arrangements. Please respect the merchants & companies on the Camp Card. No one may sell Camp Cards at or in front of any Merchant on the Camp Card.