Service Project at Quail Hill

Post date: Apr 18, 2018 11:22:06 PM

Quail Hill

Service Project


I wanted to make a specific appeal to try and get scouts out to Quail Hill for the service project this Saturday

We had a little incident at Quail Hill for the Klondike Derby and helping out would help Troop 122's relationship with the ranger and beautify one of the best local places we have for Scouting

So, please come out - just for the day if you'd like. The weather will be great and the food will be even greater. It will be a lot like a picnic.

We need a permission slip due this Thursday night at the troop meeting.

Eat breakfast before you go and the troop will provide lunch, dinner and Sun breakfast.

We will meet at the school at 7am on Sat, head to Quail Hill, work for a few hours and then do some Snuffy Hollow brush up.

Your in Scouting,

Will Purcell


Troop 122, Big Bears