Weekly eMail Digest - Summer Camp

Post date: Jul 19, 2017 2:07:48 PM

Summer Camp 23 - 29 July

Troop apparel

Anyone who ordered apparel will be receiving it within the next day or two.

Everyone in the Troop will receive a Troop 122 25th anniversary tee shirt which they can pick up in the parking lot on Sunday before we head out to camp.

Yours in Scouting,

Jesse "Big Bear" Ramirez

Summer Camp Departure (repeat)


We will be leaving for summer camp at 9:30am. Everyone should wear swimsuits to camp or pack them last with a towel so the have immediate access to them.

You will also need to bring a bag lunch and the Troop will stop along the way to eat. We are also looking for two drivers going to and coming back from camp if anyone can assist please have them contact Bob Gargano (732) 671-8769.

Jesse Big Bear Ramirez

Last Minute Summer Camp Reminders (repeat)

Dear Scouts and Parents,

Just a few last minute reminders about Summer Camp. Make sure you have purchased your merit badge books and looked them over. Also, make sure you have your prerequisites finished and signed off by a counselor or a signed note from your parents. I can not tell a counselor at camp the prerequisites are finished without proof.

Make sure you have your list of merit badges you are taking along with the times. This is your responsibility. If you forget this info, you will have to work it out with the counselors at camp - a good exercise in problem solving and responsibility.

New Scouts remember to bring money for any kits you need and clothing for the swimming merit badge. All scouts please look at the equipment list given out with your merit badge info. Check and make sure you have what you need. Also, all scouts remember to take your scout manuals in order to get requirements signed off.

Please Note: Cell phones and electronic games will be allowed on the drive up and back from camp. Upon arrival at camp, all cell phones and games will be collected and stored in our trailer. We are following the camp's rules. If you have any questions, please call (732) 671-8769

Looking Forward to a Great Week at Camp

Yours in Scouting,

Bob Gargano

Assistant Scoutmaster

Troop 122, Big Bears