Weekly eMail Digest - Summer Camp Departure

Post date: Jul 21, 2017 8:53:43 PM

Summer Camp Instructions


I, Mr. Chaney, will be going up to Forestburg with the troop staying for the first day and coming back so you can expect some photos but not as many as in past years. Hopefully, I'll be there for the final night and the troop's departure from Forestburg.

You can follow us in Twitter - @Troop122 for realtime action photos, or check out the feed on the troop web site


New Monmouth School


On Trip to Forestburg

  • Drive will be about 3 hours so eat breakfast
  • Wear swimsuit or have easy access to it - swim test will be first thing
  • Bring a bag lunch and the Troop will stop along the way to eat but not buy food
  • Cell phones and electronic games will be allowed on the drive up and back from camp.
  • Upon arrival at camp, all cell phones and games will be collected and stored in our trailer

Don't Forget

  • merit badge books
  • money for any kits you will need
  • scout manuals
  • Good Attitude


  • Saturday, 29 July
  • approx 1pm

Looking forward to a great summer camp!