Weekly eMail Digest 15 May 2017

Post date: May 17, 2017 1:04:49 PM

Uniform: Class B

Location: VFW

Due: Menu Planner for Quail Hill

Upcoming Events:

State Police Camporee, 19-21 May

Troop 122 25th Anniversary, 2-4 Jun


Warm Weather Camping with Dan

How to Pitch a Tent with Jack, Will and Dan

Game: Steal the Bacon

Scoutmaster Minute: Mr Zabriskie

Flags: Patrol 1

State Police Camporee notes

Hello Scouts,

If you are attending the trip to the Police State Camporee this weekend, please read the following as there are many restrictions and notices for the weekend.

Please note that there are no entries into the camp after 9 pm on Friday, and no departures out of the camp until Sunday morning.

The following restrictions are mandatory:

  • NO open fires allowed. Propane stoves only.
  • NO drones, footballs, baseballs, soccer balls, frisbees, etc….
  • NO flagpoles or holes permitted to be dug in the campsites.
  • NO dish or clothes washing permitted at the Water Buffaloes.
  • DO NOT go near the beach or ocean area, anybody who does will be sent home.

Class A uniform is mandatory all day unless inside our campsite.

Please bring a blanket or tarp for the campfire, as there will be no chairs permitted.

The Camp Master said to bring 4 fire buckets, 1 leaf rake, and trash bags for garbage to dispose in dumpsters.

All grey water must be dumped in the central grey water location from 8-9 am and 5:30-7 pm on Saturday.

All other information should be announced at camp for daily events and other activities, if there are any questions or concerns please email me jackzabriskie16@gmail.com, or talk to me at the upcoming meeting.

Yours in Scouting,

Jack Zabriskie

Senior Patrol Leader

Troop 122 BigBears

Troop 122: 25 Years of Scouting

Troop 122 is celebrating 25 years of scouting this year. The troop will be camping at Quail Hill Scout Reservation the weekend of June 2-4. To celebrate we will have a picnic at the camp on Saturday afternoon, June 3rd. We invite all scouts and leaders and their families to join us for the picnic. You can bring your tent and camp overnight with the troop. We have also reached out to as many former scouts and leaders from the troop as we can to also join us.

Please RSVP to Rich Klawunn at 628specialk@gmail.com by Friday May26th

Please see attached.



NJ State Police Physical Fitness Challenge

The NJ State Police Physical Fitness Challenge is now offered to youth 14 and up. There are currently 35 spots left for any scouts ready to test their fitness!

Note: I am not sure of the exact exercises or competitions at this time but will have them by troop meeting