Weekly eMail Digest 1 May 2017

Post date: May 3, 2017 11:56:03 PM

Uniform: Class A

Upcoming Events: State Police Camporee 19-21 May 2017

Skills: Presentations with Will Davis

Game: Four Square

Scoutmaster Minute: Mr Gargano

All Scouts attending Summer Camp

In reviewing the merit badge selections, some scouts appear to be a little lite based on their selections and the times of the scheduled merit badges.

We will discuss Thursday night with those that we would like to suggest another slot to be filled.

Additionally there are a few Scouts that will need to select or move selections around based on the merit badge class being filled already (i.e. Cycling)

There should be plenty of down time for all scouts during camp but you should ensure you get the most out of camp while there (especially since your parents are spending hard earned money for you to go to camp) J


Yours in Scouting

Mr. Zabriskie

Asst. Scoutmaster