Weekly eMail Digest 20 Nov 2017

Post date: Nov 19, 2017 12:27:30 PM

No Meeting

Happy Thanksgiving

Wreath Sales blitz signup

Don't forget to sign up for your wreath sales blitz slot. This year's signup is on-line using the link provided on the web site.

Photos from the past


At Patrick's Eagle, there were photos of a very young Patrick. I figured youz guyz might like some pictures when everyone was younger.

Note: Google photos don't work quite the same so my witty comments and the slideshow may not be available. You may need to click on the first photo and then use the right and left arrows to scroll thru.

Here are all the photos from:

Summer Camp 2011 - Camp Minsi

Let us know if you like the photos (use the comments below) and we can make it a regular thing.