Troop Rules

  • Troop 122 Rules and Regulations - Rules and regulations for Troop 122. Any questions about the running of the troop, check here first. Still question, see Mr. Ramirez.

Troop Roster

Rank Advancement



  • PLC Troop Meeting Planners
  • Patrol Meeting Agenda - (updated Sep 2013) an agenda to follow for your monthly patrol meetings to help you keep the meeting on track and cover all items.
  • Patrol & Dry Box Checklist - (updated 6 Mar 2014) a list of all the items that a patrol should have in their patrol equipment and dry boxes for camping.
  • Patrol Campout Planner - (updated Nov 2016) must be completed in duplicate prior to each campout. The patrol leader will keep one copy and the other must be turned in to the Scoutmaster. Please print out enough copies for your use.
  • Campfire Planner - (updated Sep 2013) to help you structure the campfire festivities
  • Campout Schedule - (updated Oct 2016)


  • Troop 122 Cookbook for Campouts - "If it ain't burnt, it ain't cooked!!!" - 'nuff said. Nov 2000
  • Dutch Oven Cookbook - updated Feb 2013. Delicious recipes specifically for the Dutch Oven.
  • Bob Gargano's Mountain Man Hot Rub Recipe - 'nuff said
  • Camping Recipes - (updated Oct 2016)

Various Information