Troop Apparel Order

Time to order Tees, Hoodies, Staff Shirts, Hats, and Neckerchiefs

Note:  New Scouts will be given a troop hat and neckerchief when they enter the troop.

Time to stock up! It is recommended that scouts order at least 2 to 3 tee shirts for summer camp.

Troop 122 offers the following items of troop logo wear:

 Item     Each     Notes
 Class B tee shirts $9.252x $2 extra, 3x $3 extra, 4x $4 extra
 Embroidered Hoodies $41.252x $2 extra, 3x $3 extra, 4x $4 extra
 Embroidered Collared Staff Shirts $22.002x $2 extra, 3x $3 extra, 4x $4 extra
 Troop hats         $25.00One size
 Troop embroidered Neckerchiefs $15.00One size
  1. Fill out the                      Apparel order form down below
  2. Make check payable to:   BSA Troop 122
  3. and return no later than  TBD

Can be dropped off in the leader's mailbox:
John Kryda
38 Zerman Dr
Middletown, NJ  07748

or handed in at Troop meeting.
Troop122 BigBears,
Mar 7, 2019, 4:13 PM